tree ahead

When I was in twelfth grade I hit a tree.

I may have shared this story before in various places already.

I hit this tree going at least a minimum of 20 MPH on a mountain bike.

I hit the tree so hard the front tire was bent out of shape and unrideable. I had to walk it up and out of the woods.

I had a helmet on, but that only protected my head.

At the point of impact, as i unwrapped myself from the tree, i just remember my entire left side feeling numb.

I could still move, but the wind was knocked out of me.

I struggled to catch my breath

I couldn’t focus

nothing else mattered

my arm and leg were moving, but i didn’t really feel anything.

Nothing in my fingers or toes,

or my heart.


just stepped back and thought, what just happened.

then the pain began.

not painful and unbearable.

but a soreness, an emptiness that lingered just enough for me to know something was off.

something big just happened.

i think i hit the tree again

or at least about to.

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