SVB covers “This is Life”

Back in November Fusion took it’s monthly meeting up to Long Island, NY. Siby Varghese Band led worship and the Fusion Drama team did a small skit. It was a great time of worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in LI. This is one of the songs from that night. “This is Life” is a song I first heard about 5 or 6 years ago and it has never failed to speak to my heart. Below are the lyrics and SVB’s cover of this wonderful song.

Eyes can’t see the way you hold me
Or how I’m hidden in Your heart
Minds don’t know all You’ve told me
Or how I ache for where You are

It’s invisible to the world
Incredible to the angels
Not since Eden have they seen this sight
Everlasting life

You are all over,
You are around,
You are inside
This is life, this is life

I come in empty, I leave filled
Bring my sickness, I leave healed
Broken-hearted, You mend every piece
I come in captive, I leave free

“This is Life” by Laura Woodley-Osman

This is Life

Those were the days

I was looking through some old pictures and I realized how good my college days were. I made my own schedule. I had plenty of free time. So many spontaneous random trips to Chicken N Rice, Mad Mex, Naked Chocolate, and more. Now I can’t do that so much since I work a 9-5. Those were some great times and I’m thankful for those memories.

There was one particular day, last year, that was exceptionally fun. It was in the morning and Dany and Siby were picking me up from the airport. We decided we didn’t want to waste such a great day, so we called everyone we could think of for a trip to Mad Mex for some great wings. We got Liffy, Sarah and Vickie to join and we were on our way! We took a bunch of pictures, and even has some “spontaneous photoshoots”. I put it the pictures together into a short video and added some music.

Good times.