What are you wearing…?

Jeans in Church

This is just a “poll” of sorts to get some perspective on your views. It’s for something I’m working on, which I hope to let you all see/read soon.

  • What do you wear to church? Do you get all dressed up or do you go casual or something in between?
  • If the majority of your church dresses up, and you came in one Sunday wearing jeans, would that be a problem?
  • What are your thoughts on wearing jeans in church?
  • What is the appropriate dress attire for church?

6 Replies to “What are you wearing…?”

  1. I usually wear a shirt and tie, often with sportcoat.

    If I did show up to church with jeans on one Sunday it would probably be more than frowned upon.

    Coming from an IPC church, I understand there being a dress code. I don’t mind it but I’m not one to promote it or defend it.

    I’d rather people felt comfortable coming to church and if they feel most comfortable doing so in a pair of jeans so be it. Of course, there are limits, and by that I mean not showing up to a service in pajamas.

    I don’t know if a dress code is necessary for churches across the board. I appreciate the idea of showing a little respect via your attire but when there’s a lack of respect between people by means of actions and speech, I think clothing should be the lesser of our worries.

  2. i mostly wear wear nice pants and a nice button down shirt. every now and then ill add a tie. if there’s a special program going on, then i will wear a suit.

    well first of all i wouldn’t be able to step outside of the house in jeans to church. mom and dad would beat me for that. people at church would ask questions too. my appachen would would pull me by the ear, and ask (indian accent) what is this??

    me personally, i just wear jeans on sat. night meetings. that’s about the only time i wear jeans. it would be nice to feel comfortable.

    in my personally opinion, i think since we are coming to church, we should come in our best attire. we are coming b4 God. we should look our best. there’s a time and place to dress up and places to dress down, but when in the presences of God at church we should try to look good at least.

  3. Well.. I may be that minority that wears jeans, but at the same time, I refuse to go to church immodestly and dressed in a way that would hinder worship of others. As I happen to attend a Multi-cultural church the issue isn’t if “we where jeans or a dress” .. the issues are root ones: modesty, holiness, righteousness. When the root issues are tackled it spills out over to the superficial stuff, yet important as well (don’t get me wrong), like clothing.

    I think across the board.. every church should have a level of modesty for women & men in their attire. Who defines that level? That’s where it gets sticky.. we are supposed to define it as individuals as Paul says in the Word, but when that gets carried away and begins to contradict with others and causes a commotion, the leaders and elders of the church should be able to have an overall spoken view on this. The pastor is the Shepherd of the church.. he speaks the vision God has called over the church (if that includes a method of dressing, so be it). Every church is different.

    Our pastor has discussed his views on attire in church. He requires anyone in leadership position to be dressed up, but as a member of the church or a new person attending, that is not required. He does incorporate, in the midst of his sermons the topic of modesty and how to dress according to what is pleasing to God even in the midst of being “trendy”. “Everything may be lawful.. but not helpful”, right??

    ..Just a girl’s perspective =*)

  4. ..Just Kidding, I’m back! =)

    I saw this stellar quote by Thomas Jefferson that was PERFECT for this blog:

    “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock”.

  5. In all honesty I haven’t dressed up to church since Easter. I’m a jeans girl. It probably has to do with the fact that I am dressed up for work every day Monday-Friday that I just want to be comfortable. Don’t get me wrong I don’t look like a mess to church. I wear a nice shirt with some nice jeans and heels. The only time I get more casual than that is if we are having something that requires us to wear our team shirts and what not. Pretty soon I will be working with kids three Sundays out of the month so I need something that works with them and the movements. I think sometimes we get too caught up with the outward appearance then we forget about what needs to be inside.

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