The last of the Ice Java

My dad used to bring home this amazing coffee syrup for milk called Ice Java. The only place we could get it from was the local Acme supermarket, and even then only at a few select stores. We’d have friends come over and they would ask, beg, plead and bribe to have a glass of this stuff. That’s how good it was!

We would go through bottles of it so fast that my dad would have to buy a few of them and hide all but one, just so we didn’t finish it all too quickly.

Then we received some sad news.

Acme stopped carrying it. There wasn’t any announcement or anything. We just couldn’t find it in the coffee aisle anymore at the store. My brother and I were quite upset. We consoled each other through the rough patches and tried to find some alternatives, but nothing ever came about.

It’s been a few months and I was getting ready for a small party when I opened the cupboard and saw this:
Ice Java!

Apparently, my mom had cleaned out the pantry and found two bottles of Ice Java that my dad had hidden away and forgot about. They don’t expire until Feb/2010, but i doubt they’ll last that long.

YUMM! The last two bottles of Ice Java…

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