The girl’s just not interested

A few days ago I had a conversation with a recent high school graduate at church. She asked me, “Is it possible for a guy to still be interested in a girl, even after she’s made it clear to him that she’s not interested?”

My answer: “Absolutely YES!”

Her: “Crap.”

Here’s what girls need to understand. Guys don’t understand hints. Even if you’re blunt, guys will interpret what you say to mean what they think you meant or what they want you to mean.

Let’s say Guy tells Girl he likes her. Girl thinks Guy is great, but as a friend, so she tells him she’s not interested in him like that.

Girl continues to remain friends with him maintaining their friendship.

Guy’s thought process goes as follows:
She says she’s not interested, but that just means she’s not interested NOW. She’s still talking to me, so she must like me a little. Maybe she’s not sure what she wants. I’ll keep talking to her and keep my interest in her and show her that she really is interested in me, and just doesn’t know it.

Guys are dumb. I’m telling you this from my own personal experience. I have been the one that just could not take the obvious hint that the girl was not interested. I have seen other guys make the same dumb move.

So girls, what do you have to do?

Stop talking to them.

I know, that sounds rough, but the only way a guy will really understand what “Not interested” really means is if the girl completely shuts him down. If you keep talking, you are still interested.

Guys just don’t think with their brains. They think with their hormones.

Have you been on either end of a disjointed interest?

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  1. Your spot on!

    I have friends that got married after the girl repeatly turned down a guy’s interest. But, the friendship continued after the intrest was turned down. In these cases there was a friendship that existed before the guy made his intrest known, and the guy moved on to date other girls. He had to let her know he was intrested several times before she finally turned around.

    What happens when a girl stops talking to a guy is that He moves on to other girls. He takes off the blinders and looks for who else is out there.

    Its funny, but even if a girl talks to a guy about other guys she’s into…the guy will still think that He has a chance because they are talking.

  2. LoL! Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading this blog. I send it all my guy friends from church and they all agreed. Pretty funny!

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