crowder vs nickelodeon

a discussion with my younger cousin

[1:07 AM] cuz: did u watch the david crowder video?
[1:07 AM] bear: yes
[1:07 AM] cuz: i was sooo fascinated earlier
[1:07 AM] cuz: lol
[1:07 AM] cuz: coolest thing ever
[1:07 AM] bear: i saw it before, they always have cool stuff
[1:08 AM] cuz: yeaa i watched it like 7 times in a row
[1:09 AM] cuz: can they like computerize that or did they have to do it by hand?
[1:09 AM] bear: stop motion
[1:10 AM] cuz: …?
[1:10 AM] cuz: is that supposed to mean something to me?
[1:22 AM] bear: yes!
[1:23 AM] bear: basically, they take a picture, change something, take another, change, etc etc
[1:23 AM] bear: then put it all together, kinda like a flip book
[1:23 AM] cuz: ohhh that thing..
[1:23 AM] bear: and you get stop motion
[1:23 AM] cuz: they did that on icarly