A box of unix

This past week I setup a Unix server in my basement. This is a little new for me, but a lot of fun. Just some notes below with some things I found quite useful.

  • cp -a works better than plain cp to preserve creation dates and such
  • RAID: specifically fakeRAID/mobo RAID. Create the RAID, create the partition (preferably in unix, installing X and using gparted makes it so much easier), use a label (maybe), add the partition to /etc/fstab, mount the volume.
  • comparing directory structures for missing files: diff -r /dirA /dirB | grep Only
  • Installing X and vncviewer helps a lot, but lets not keep vnc running when not in use. disable X from autoboot if possible
  • samba4 is alpha. don’t use it unless you enjoy pain or just don’t want to deal with it. samba3 is solid.
  • ushare for XBOX360 accessibility and DLNA/media sharing
  • putty ftw
  • 2TB may not be enough for two media hogs to share…