Killing the Internet

The Internet was built on the idea of freely proliferated information and knowledge. The government wants to put an end to that TODAY with the passing of PIPA and SOPA.

Installing Mac OS X 10.6.6 on VirtualBox

For my fellow tech geeks. This is a brief summary of the steps I had to take to get Mac OS X 10.6.6 working on a virtual machine on an Ubuntu server. These instruction are slightly modified from instruction i found in this article.
  1. Install Virtual Box
  2. Get EmpireEFI
  3. Create VM with EFI disabled on the machine. I chose 20GB HD with 1GB RAM. (Having the virtual disk on a separate disk is optimal)
  4. Boot the VM to EmpireEFI ISO
  5. When prompted, unmount EmpireEFI and mount 10.6.6 CD. Press F5, select the OSX CD and hit Enter.
  6. Open Disk Utility, select the disk and create a new partition.
  7. Close Disk Utility and continue the installation.
  8. When it asks to reboot, be sure to boot to the EmpireEFI ISO first, then mount the OSX CD, select the hard drive (not CD) and press Enter to continue the installation.
  9. Once installation is complete, remount the EmpireEFI ISO and install the post-installation package.

All in all, a lot simpler than expected. There was no need for a hacked CD or anything. Occasionally it may not boot right, but a simple reboot or three usually fixes that.

A box of unix

This past week I setup a Unix server in my basement. This is a little new for me, but a lot of fun. Just some notes below with some things I found quite useful.

  • cp -a works better than plain cp to preserve creation dates and such
  • RAID: specifically fakeRAID/mobo RAID. Create the RAID, create the partition (preferably in unix, installing X and using gparted makes it so much easier), use a label (maybe), add the partition to /etc/fstab, mount the volume.
  • comparing directory structures for missing files: diff -r /dirA /dirB | grep Only
  • Installing X and vncviewer helps a lot, but lets not keep vnc running when not in use. disable X from autoboot if possible
  • samba4 is alpha. don’t use it unless you enjoy pain or just don’t want to deal with it. samba3 is solid.
  • ushare for XBOX360 accessibility and DLNA/media sharing
  • putty ftw
  • 2TB may not be enough for two media hogs to share…

techy giggle

yes, i upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and yes, I did giggle shortly thereafter. The new dashboard layout is the best dashboard in WordPress history!

Last night I went through and found a bunch of malu bloggers. No reason in particular, but I found a bunch and subscribed to a bunch using Bloglines. In the process I also went a revisted Xanga. Going through the pages of people I used to subscribe to on Xanga is a bit surreal. It’s a whole different world, another time. Everything is just frozen in time. The few people that didn’t delete their Xanga’s still have posts from 2006 and beyond.

It’s like everyone just decided to move out and join Facebook all at the same time.