Vampire Noises

Maybe I was up way too late watching scary TV shows, but i swear there are some scary noises outside my house at night.

Seven Deadly Sins and Finding God

We had our church anniversary last weekend and the high school students put together a mini-movie instead of a live play. They wrote and acted in it and I helped film and edit it. It came out much better than expected, especially with the last minute changes and everything.

The college kids did a video as well instead of a play. Keith put a lot of effort into this as far as writing, acting and directing and he’s put it up on Google Video. It’s called Finding God.

Chinese food conspiracy

I had Chinese food today. Not once, but twice.

At work there’s a Chinese food place nearby that has these lunch specials for about five bucks. The first time I had one, I almost passed out. They had packed enough food into this Styrofoam container to feed a small village.

Thats when I realized that this place was part of the Chinese conspiracy. With all the other bad Chinese products floating around the world, why not use Chinese restaurants in their Communist fight? You see, they want to make us eat a ton of their Fried Rice and Fried Wontons and whatnots, so that when they finally attack us, we’ll be too fat and doped up on MSG to fight back.

Now, I’m trying to watch what I eat, so when my co-worker said we should order Chinese, i said, “No Way!” But somehow, with his Southern charm, he convinces me to do Chinese. So i got the Shrimp in Lobster Sauce combo with Chicken Fried Rice. And as always, it was a bad choice.

So I thought, when I get home I’ll eat something light for dinner. Maybe cereal, or fruits, or whatever. But first, I had to fix my cousins computer. They had the usual, viruses, spyware, etc. Took about two hours to get all that and fix the problems of an unsuccessful double antivirus installation and other mishaps of a poorly maintained computer.

Finally I finished and my aunt had food for me. What was it? Chicken Fried Rice. She said she had bought something else as well. She didn’t know what it was, just something with vegetables and things. She wanted to try something different. I opened it up for her, and there it was Shrimp (and Vegetables) in Lobster Sauce.

I know it’s a conspiracy, and i know you don’t believe me. But have you seen how strong and fast those CHinese were at the Olympics?

Don’t worry, I’ll fogive your lack of trust in my theories when some bionic Chinese soldier is running you down like a fat kid on the playground.