Facebook lag sucks

It’s been going on for more than a week already. Probably a bad server config or something. either the bots at Facebook have no clue what to do, or they don’t care soon we’ll all find something else to take up our time other than Facebook.

And I’m not alone.

techy giggle

yes, i upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and yes, I did giggle shortly thereafter. The new dashboard layout is the best dashboard in WordPress history!

Last night I went through and found a bunch of malu bloggers. No reason in particular, but I found a bunch and subscribed to a bunch using Bloglines. In the process I also went a revisted Xanga. Going through the pages of people I used to subscribe to on Xanga is a bit surreal. It’s a whole different world, another time. Everything is just frozen in time. The few people that didn’t delete their Xanga’s still have posts from 2006 and beyond.

It’s like everyone just decided to move out and join Facebook all at the same time.