turkey review

I know it’s a little late,  but I had to put a review of my wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Well, at least the parts I’m willing to talk about.

Thursday: Double Turkey Special
I went to bed really late the night before, just because I could. We had a lunch at church. Nothing too crazy. My dad and the other pastors spoke briefly, and we were all getting our grub on by 12:30. One table had all the very American Thanksgiving food: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and, my favorite, cranberry sauce. The other table had food for the F.O.B. soul: Dosa, chicken curry, uppam, etc.

While we were eating my little cousin told myself and another cousin that it was her dad’s birthday and that her dad didn’t want anyone to know. So, we went and told our parents who promptly decided that we would get a cake and surprise him at his house. I was looking forward to a gathering of my cousins. I went home after lunch and fell into a Tryptophan coma, as did my brother.

We woke up and our parents had already headed over to our uncle’s house. So we changed and left. On the way we stopped at our friends house to get my camera, and we got side-tracked by homemade Amaretto cheesecake. YUMM! When we got to my uncle’s house, everyone had already left.

The line of food at my cousins house
The line of food at my cousins house including the spicy mango chutney

Our next stop for the evening was another cousins house for Thanksgiving dinner. We actually got there before our parents because they stopped by our house first. We had a pretty good meal while we watched a rare Eagles dominated football game.

Friday: Football and a Road Trip
Every Black Friday we have a friendly football game with all the Pente churches. it’s something we’ve been doing for probably a decade or more. It’s always tackle, and someone always gets hurt. We’ve had broken noses, legs, concussions, etc. I chose not to play, because I want to live a long life. So I went to watch and wound up becoming the sole referee. It’s not fun being the only referee in a 9-on-9 football game. We played til we got kicked off by a little league team, ate some lunch and went on our way.

The Gang in NY
The Gang in NY

My way was  home for a shower then a trip to NY with some friends. There was a show put on by St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in Yonkers called Echos of Praise. Anonymous and Civility performed, some of the 180 guys did an acoustic worship set, and Finney from NDIA gave a good message. We would have done Chicken ‘n’ Rice, but it was late and some people had to be up early the next day. Instead, we did White Castle. Kinda shady locale, but those sliders were great!

Saturday: 9 Baptisms

Pastor and wife performing the baptism together
Pastor and wife performing the baptism together

Nine people got baptized in our church, eight of them were 18 and under, one was the grandmother of one of the eight. The grandmother had difficulty walking and standing, so my mom and her daughter helped her into the pool, but it was an awesome testimony of how God can still use us as witnesses, no matter what point we are at in our lives.  After she was in, my mom stayed in the pool to help her. It was the first time in my dad’s almost 30-year ministry that he performed a baptism alongside his wife. My brother and I thought it was a pretty cool moment. Then we had a meeting which was followed by more food.

Sunday: Bowl-o-rama

Finishing up at the lanes in Brunswick Zone
Finishing up at the lanes in Brunswick Zone

Some friends from out of town came to visit. We had a good time. We bowled, ate, laughed, cried, hi-fived and burned out pretty bright. It was a good ending to a long and enjoyable weekend.

How did your Thanksgiving weekend turn out?