Double White Bursts

Victory Church: Launch Stage Design, during worship

Last month at Victory Church, we had a new sermon series entitled Launch, and we wanted to put together a new stage design for the series. We bounced some ideas around, perused the pages of and came up with a few concepts that we liked. Since we had a short budget and a small window of time, we decided to do a variation of Tape Burst or Ribbon Dance.

The first version used clear packing tape, and the second version used white ribbon. We wanted to use a white material that would stand out on our small stage, but we needed to do it on a very small budget. The solution: white duct tape.

Instead of one central point, we used two layered burst points. One burst was towards the back, and the other towards the front to give it a layered affect. On the left side, we anchored them to the floor with wood beams and sandbags. On the right side we used the drum riser as out anchor point. We ran them up to pipes we had hanging overhead.

The most inner strip on the right side was a litte twisted because of the way we attached it. The bottom was parallel to the stage, but the top was taped to a piece of wood we rested on the steel beams over head. Since the wood was longer than the width between the beams, it sat at an angle to the stage, and the tape was attached at an angle, causing the tape to twist as it went from teh floor tot he ceiling.

We also hung some white fabric we already had along the back and projected a graphic for the series.

Total Cost: $6.97 for one roll of White Duct Tape.

Victory Church: Launch stage design

Victory Church: Launch stage design

Victory Church: Launch stage design

Victory Church: Launch stage design, right burst

Victory Church: Launch stage design, left burst

Victory Church: Launch stage design, back of the right burst

Killing the Internet

The Internet was built on the idea of freely proliferated information and knowledge. The government wants to put an end to that TODAY with the passing of PIPA and SOPA.

Vampire Noises

Maybe I was up way too late watching scary TV shows, but i swear there are some scary noises outside my house at night.

Dear PCNAK 2012 Youth Leaders

Dear 2012 PCNAK Coordinators,

The 2011 PCNAK was an incredible blessing for those that attended the meetings. Absolutely amazing move of the Spirit. Let’s keep that going for 2012. Don’t be so constricted by time and pleasantries and politics and honoring this pastor and that pastor. Let’s just focus on what will truly bless the Lord.

We don’t need a big show with crazy lights and 12 of the greatest speakers in the world. We don’t need to see which of the 36 bands with current YouTube videos has the best worship set.

So what if your uncle’s pastor’s wife’s sister’s nephew’s cousin’s brother’s father-in-law’s grandson’s babysitter is upset they didn’t get their time on stage? Are you really going to let one man’s feelings and emotions affect the move of the Holy Spirit?

We don’t want the stiff-necked, old-fashioned convention style meetings that we grew up loathing. We either fell asleep, got yelled at for talking, or just chilled in the lobby. Why would using that same model be any more effective today? Einstein had a word for this: insanity.

Take this weekends Jesus Culture Awakening Conference in Chicago as a model. Watching it online it is simply amazing. Go watch one of the services at Just worship and the word. No song and dance routine. No smoke and mirrors. Just a real simple meeting, with truth, power, and anointing.

This is what we want for PCNAK.

Benjamin “Bear” Cherian

P.S. Can I get an “Amen!”?